Only 20-30% of small businesses are able to successfully transition according to the Small Business Administration. Most entrepreneurs can’t see themselves ever leaving their business, yet transitioning out of their business is inevitable. Why would you want to start planning today for an exit while you are enjoying running your business? With guidance from our team here at Centerline Wealth Advisors and our Biz2Beach™ process you stay in control, build value, and design your own ultimate exit strategy. We’ve perfected the steps, resources, technology, and expertise you need to capture the maximum value from your business.

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Exit Planning Roadmap


Triggering Event

Centerline’s Biz2Beach™process starts with a business valuation and a deep-dive into the owner’s personal financials and post-exit goals. The wealth gap—the amount of money the owner must harvest from the business to reach their goals—is determined. Next, the value gap—the value that the business could be worth operating at a best-in-class level—is determined. Lastly, we coordinate with your team of
advisors (CPA, attorney, etc).

Once there is a clear view of the current state of the business, the owner will develop a 3+ year vision. One year initiatives are crafted along with 90-day sprints designed to achieve the owner’s goals.


Prioritized Action Plan



While this process is centered around the owner, it is necessary to meet with partners, key employees, and family without the owner’s presence to achieve accurate insight into the business. Communication
protocols will be established, and the owner and key members will discuss how they will handle


Executing Action Plans

Key members will meet monthly one-on-one with either the owner or our team to discuss their assigned action items. All key employees will present their status updates in a group workshop as well, providing time for brainstorming and roadblock resolution. Every 90 days the next action items will be assigned.



Removing risks associated with the business is one of the fastest ways to increase value in the eyes of a buyer. We direct the owner to ensure that contingency plans, appropriate insurance, and documented processes are all in place to maximize readiness to transition in case an 
emergency should arise.


90-Day Sprints

3-5 action items are chosen for both business improvements and for the owner’s personal goals during each 90-day sprint. Each key member of the owner’s team will present their implementation plan for the 90-day actions assigned to them and resources will be allocated.


Grow or Exit?

This can be an informal discussion between stakeholders or a more formal workshop to determine the owner’s desire to grow the business or shift towards transitioning the business toward a sale. Structure the appropriate advisors in preparation for a sale if applicable or continue executing on growth strategies.


Revisit Goals Every 90 Days

In this workshop, we ensure the owner’s vision is being maintained and aligned with the initiatives taken on by key members and that any changes in the owner’s vision are communicated with the team.


Analyze Your 
Exit Options

Learn about all of your options to transition the business.


Six Steps for a 
Successful Transition

Our advisors will be with you each step of the way—prepping for selling internally or externally, searching to find the new owner(s), negotiating, preparing contracts, documenting, and closing. Before entering into this phase, Centerline conducts deep exploration of strategies to defer or potentially eliminate capital gains taxes to help you maximize your retirement income stream.


Manage Your Wealth and Happiness

The journey has been long yet rewarding. Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor and to make sure you are executing on your personal and financial plans going forward. Find out more on and wonder why you didn’t get started sooner!

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