As an independent wealth management firm that provides fiduciary advice, we recommend many areas of focus for business owners to maximize their company’s value for a future sale. The three main topics are as follows:

  • Tax-Aware Planning
  • Succession/Exit/Continuity Planning
  • Risk Management

Three Ways 
for Louisville Business Owners 
to Boost Value

Centerline Wealth Advisors works with business owners in the Louisville area to help develop their exit planning strategies.

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Tax-Aware Planning

Being more tax-efficient helps you keep
more of what you earn. Since businesses and individuals have different tax structures, we provide the expertise that benefits you, the owner. 

For example, do you qualify for the new QBI deduction? If you are still working and eligible to collect Social Security, should you do so? Can you use a year with net operating losses (NOLs) to your advantage?

Should you structure a retirement plan with a
Roth 401(k) or a cash balance plan? Should you introduce deferred compensation plans to your team? We coordinate with your CPA or introduce you to our network of CPAs because planning is critical, and too many business owners concentrate on
the now and not on the big picture.

Risk Management

Do you know where your corporate risks are lurking? Most business owners don’t because it’s human nature to assume tomorrow will look much like today—we call this recency bias. 

While most owners think about risk management in regard to liability, disaster, or simply insuring their equipment, they tend to overlook death or disability of a key person, organizational
structure, concentration risk, and many others. 

A complete inventory of risks hiding in your business is critical to keep the company on the right path. Reducing these risks will maximize transferability and demand a higher market multiple, increasing
the sale value.

If you are interested in learning how any of these specific strategies apply to your business, we would be happy to schedule a discovery call to discuss. Please schedule a call below or contact Andy Arnold, MBA, AIF®, CEPA® at

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Succession/ Exit/
Continuity Planning

You love your business and what it has done for your clients, your family, and your self-image. We completely relate! Having a coach to help you consider the endgame and all of its possibilities is crucial.

How will you deal with the tax liability on a transition, and will you capture enough wealth to sustain you and your family? Are you familiar with methods to help you or your family potentially defer or eliminate capital gains taxes on the sale of your most valuable asset? How will you reinvest the proceeds? Strategic thinking usually precludes simply waking up and deciding “today is the day” you will sell. 

The elephant in the room is one of the Five D’s we fear most — death. Without a succession plan, estate taxes due nine months after your demise could doom your business or your family’s finances. The rest of the 5 D’s are disability, divorce, distress, and disagreement. 

Our team of experts can help you plan for all of these and prepare for the transition well ahead of time to help you imagine the next phase of your financial life.

In addition to these, there are many other areas in which Centerline helps its business owner clients succeed. Ask us how we also help our business owner clients with:

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